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Authoritative VF/VFR FAQ

V. 0.80

FAQ compiled by Christopher Leach


Adapted from the SabMag FAQ

This FAQ is intended to supplement the Honda and Clymer manuals, NOT replace them. In our opinion, anyone who isn't experienced in the procedure in question has no business wrenching on a bike without a manual, especially where safety-related systems such as brakes are concerned. The intent is to provide tips that don't appear in the manuals, and to relate list members' experiences on a variety of topics that frequently are brought up on the VF/VFR list. Obviously, we cannot be responsible for any adverse consequences to your bike or your person. Wrench at your own risk.


General Information
The VF/VFR Mail List
The Official VF/VFR Mail List Owner's List
Model Year explanantions and differences
Pre-loved VF/VFR prices - current as of Spring 1998
Tips on loading a bike into a pickup truck/trailer
Mild winterization procedure

General Maintenance
Tips on faring removal
ABS plastic repair (seat cowl tabs)
Recommended engine break-in procedure
Brake and Clutch fluid replacement
Coolant replacement
VFR cartridge fork service
Front fork alignment
Air Filter replacement options
Care and Feeding of your drive chain

Advanced Maintenance
Tapered roller bearings installation
Carb removal and installation
Carb Synch procedure
Valve adjustment procedure
Clutch symptons and troubleshooting
Mounting and Balancing tires
Wheel straightening

Aftermarket Modifications
Rear shock options (1990-1998)
Amber rear running lights (94+)
Fiamm 'snail' horn installation
H4 headlight conversion for '90+ VFRs and Blue Ion Bulbs
Inexpensive VFR Throttle Lock
Turn Signal Mod - '90-'93
Factory Shift Kit install

VF series-specific info
Cam problem description and oil mod options
Rear shock fluid replacement - VF series
Tire options
Replacement Fanstat

'86-'87 VFR700-750 info
CBR suspension mods
Fanstat replacements - '86-'87 VFRs
Installing a VFR750 engine into a VFR700 frame

'90-'97 VFR750F info
Regulator/Rectifier problem
Speedometer drive gear repair
Sources for '90-'93 solo seat cowls
Sources for '90+ rear stands

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